Our Approach

Our Business Approach

We are customer-centric! While this is the statement many make and few abide by it, we take it a step forward.

Our customer-centric approach has 3 main pillars: Design Approach, Business Model & Product Evolution

Design Approach

We take into principles of user-centric design to ensure the products are designed with utmost ease in adoption and usage. We hone our product assessing customers pain points voiced in existing apps’ reviews, community and Reddit forums.

We design using Shopify’s own design system. Since you’re familiar with Shopify’s own interface, our app feels like an extension of the same. Making it a seamless, intuitive user experience.

Business Model

The usual approach to Shopify apps, for that matter software-as-a-service (SaaS) products, include restricted features across pricing tiers to push you towards upgrading. We are pushing this to its limits with a 'charge for what costs' approach.

With this approach, we intend to only charge for services that have a recurring cost to us. Everything thing else will always be made available on every single pricing tier

For example, in our product 'Wire', the following services have been made accessible across pricing tiers:

  • Unlimited Products

  • Friend Link - For easy share with friends, family and close associates

  • Customize the mail using variables to deliver a personalised experience to your customer while receiving the product download link

  • Unlimited (custom) number of downloads per link

Product Evolution

Our products are constantly evolving with you, our users, at the heart of it. We take ideas and use cases to be addressed through various routes

  • User feedback during their use and/or grievances

  • Shopify community posts

  • Regular surveys to our users

All these pour into our project pipeline to improve the product

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